COVID-19 is a huge hurdle to overcome, but wearing masks when outside is a simple and effective way to protect our communities together.

The CDC now recommends wearing a face covering any time you go out in public. These fabric masks can help protect you in places like supermarkets or pharmacies where it's harder to keep a safe six-foot distance from other shoppers. 


This works best if everyone wears them because people who don't have any symptoms can still be spreading the virus.


Our  mission is to empower the public to help stop the spread of Coronavirus by wearing a mask outdoors.


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Dr Helen Davison

Former public health doctor from Carlisle.


A Green City Councillor in Carlisle and staunch climate and environmental activist. Passionate about protecting the health and wellbeing of all and reducing health and social inequalities.

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Dr Charles Tannock

MBE, former Conservative MEP and consultant psychiatrist. 


A long-term, politically engaged representative with an expansive medical background in psychiatry. Decorated by 6 governments for services to international relations and appointed MBE in the New Years Honours list.

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Dr Finola ONeill

A North Devon GP strongly committed to protecting the planet, our people and the future of all children. Believes in truth, justice and fighting for the vulnerable in society. 

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Hanna Henshall

Director and Co-Founder of If Not Now.


 A digital activist using her background in digital marketing to campaign for real societal and political change. 


Chris Bettles

Director and Co-Founder of If Not Now.


A relentless optimist, lover of the outdoors and for over 7 years has been making sure his digital skills are used to fight the good fight. 

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Hannah Conduit

Team member of If Not Now.

A conservationist turned digital activist, using her background in ecology and science communication to bring about the change towards the better she wants to see in the world. 


Anthony Shapero

Managing Director of Step On Flooring Ltd.

A passionate and concerned citizen moved by the terrible effects of covid19 on people around the to do something about it. Truly hoping this amazing group can make a difference.